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2022 Ford E-Transit Options List

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Explained here are some core options to choose from when going through the E-Transit spec list:

One size never fits all. That's why we offer so many choices in electric work vans. Just like the gas-powered Transit Cargo Van, the E-Transit comes in three lengths and three roof heights. It's also available in chassis cab and cutaway models. Which means it adds eight all-electric configurations to the already best-in-class* total offered by the current gas model.

*Class is Full-Size Vans.

A graphic depiction of the three different lengths and roof heights of a 2022 Ford E Transit

The E-Transit Cargo Van is available in three roof heights: low, medium and high. The high-roof variant allows a person as tall as 6 ft. 9 in. to stand up straight inside the van, making it easier to move around and access equipment. The medium-roof variant can accommodate a person as tall as 6 ft., while low roof heights enable easier maneuverability and can fit in 7-ft. garages.

Whether you need a vehicle that's easy to maneuver around the traffic and tight spaces of a city or one that offers more cargo space, the E-Transit Cargo Van has got you covered. Available in regular, long and extended lengths, there's sure to be one that's a perfect fit for any job.

With chassis cab and cutaway models, America's first electric work van from a full-line automaker offers businesses the right van for any job. Plus it's easy to upfit and offers a wide array of available packages designed to make adapting to your needs simple and convenient.
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