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It gets even better when compared to ICE cargo vans:

"Cannis said the E-Transit will be profitable for Ford at launch. He said fleet customers won't balk at the high sticker price — about $10,000 more than the gas model — because of the potential cost savings."

I don't know the actual cost savings yet but this should give us a general idea:

"Lower maintenance costs
Scheduled maintenance costs will be 40 percent lower for the E-Transit compared with a gas model over eight years and 100,000 miles, Ford says. Increased uptime from not having to stop to refuel should improve efficiency as well, the company says.

Cannis said Ford's research shows commercially owned vehicles travel an average of 74 miles a day, so a van with a 126-mile range should get through the day without needing to recharge.

The van will feature both AC and DC fast-charging and come standard with a mobile charger that can plug into either a 120-volt or 240-volt outlet.

With a 115-plus-kilowatt DC fast charger, the low-roof cargo van variant can gain up to 30 miles of range in 10 minutes and 45 miles in 15 minutes, Ford said. Using a mobile charger plugged into a 240-volt outlet, the low-roof cargo van variant can charge about 10 miles per hour.

Ford also will sell an at-home charging station that can fully charge the van in eight hours.

Ford will offer a host of software through its Ford Commercial Services division. It includes a driver ID and coaching system that can help improve performance if a driver is speeding, braking too hard or not wearing a seat belt."

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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