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2022 T-350 MR RWD 'E' Transits for sale

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I have 2 of these identical 2022 T-350 'E' Transits that were factory in-service models that are available for sale. Here is the link to the online window stickers.

Our dealership is wanting to make deals on these so if you are interested, just send me a PM and we can get the current mileage for each of them as well as pricing.
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Account approved by VS, as member is very active on our sister site - CrewVanManInfo.

One of these Transit 'E' vans has been sold, heading to FL.
I am interested. New member so I can't PM yet. Can you PM me?
Hi Neandrewthal, I send you my best wishes. Before purchasing a Ford, I would recommend using this VIN decoder to view fuel-related information, such as recalls for safety and maintenance;
evidence of theft;
Pictures from the past;
Accuracy of the miles;
Schadens report;
Documents of maintenance;
the country where the vehicle was previously registered;
Other information is needed.
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