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Experience and thoughts after first month or so.

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Getting way more than advertised range. 2.4 to 2.8 miles/kWh. Let’s see how winter temperatures impacts range. Don’t mind that it has an electric emergency brake, don’t like how it’s programmed. Can’t turn the seatbelt chime off like other Ford vehicles. Don’t like the crazy slow reverse speed, they say 5mph but its more like 3mph. Backing out of long driveways takes forever. If you are at a light or drive through(I have the low roof) and you take your seatbelt off and reach into the glove box or wallet, the pressure sensor in the seat thinks you got out of the vehicle and puts the van into park. Light turns green, you step on the accelerator and you go no where, people behind you get pissed, lol. It’s my van, if it’s not a law, let me turn this crap off. Pro’s definitely outweigh the cons though. Still fun to drive too!
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I submittted customer feedback toFord about the slow reverse speed.

I'm looking at acessing the software to rewrite the code limiting the speed at Support. Ford users report success using OBDLink EX and FORScan's extended license to perform Electronic Control Unit (ECU) configurations for their vehicles.

I went to the dealer for the recall on the HVAC (a software bug) and it took 90 minutes to update the various software modules. For some perspective, here's an example of FORscan for changing tire size: How to use FORScan to adjust tire size - FORScan forum
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