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Ford E-Transit Pro Power Onboard for Campervan

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Hi all,

my name is Achim and I am the founder and owner of LIGHTstern Elektro-Camper. We develop and rent out fully electric campervans in Germany since 2021.

As we are growing our fleet, we decided to use the e-Transit and the upcoming e-Transit Custom as our base vehicles. Not least because of the great Pro Power Onboard feature. It's still a bit difficult to get information about the exact way this system works. So I was hoping you guys could help us out! :)

If one of you does own an e-Transit with Pro Power Onboard, can you answer the following questions:

  • I know that you can activate the system from the center screen or from the dedicated button next to the outlets in the back. As we are planning on powering the fridge, the induction stove and the lights (as well as some USB sockets) from the system, it's crucial to know, if it stays on when you switch it on.
    So does it stay on until you switch it off again (or run into the preset low power limit)? Or does it automatically switch off in any specific circumstance, like turning the car on or off?
    As you can imagine, especially for the fridge it would be really important to run 24/7 (provided there's enough juice in the battery)
  • In connection to the first question, does it run while driving?
  • Also connected, does it work when you leave the vehicle and lock it? Will it stay on?
Thanks for any insight you can give us on that topic!
Have a great week!

Best regards
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