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Forget The F-150 Lightning, The E-Transit Is The Real Ford EV For The People (Jalopnik)

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Jalopnik published an article today that heaps a lot of praise towards the e-Transit as the people's favorite over the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

What about practicalities?
So that’s the big picture of these three EVs, and I’m sure you’re already coming down on the side of the E-Transit, right?

Well, to sweeten the deal, let’s talk practicalities.

Inside, you can seat five in the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning versus just two in the E-Transit. But Ford offers the Crew Van for its gas-powered Transit and said it will have “more to announce about additional offerings for range and capability at a later date.”

So fingers crossed you’ll soon be able to pick the kids up from school in your glorious E-Transit one day.

Luggage space is, apparently, an important factor for American drivers. That, as well as supposed safety advantages, is why SUVs and pickups have proven so popular here. I dunno. I guess you all have loads of lumber or meat to haul around?

Anyway, if you do find yourself with a stack of steak or oodles of oak to transport from A to B, you’ll want the E-Transit.

It’s slightly shorter and narrower than the F-150, so maneuverability is sure to be improved. But importantly, it’s rated for a max payload of 3,800 pounds. In contrast, the pickup holds a paltry 2,000 pounds, which, because it’s a pickup, you’ll be forced to expose to the elements.

So, the E-Transit can carry more stuff, looks better, isn’t too big to drive in a city center and has enough range to take you on the average American car journey. See why I think it’s the dream?

On top of that, it can also double as a battery pack for your tools and equipment, and it’s basically a blank canvas for whatever daily driver or road trip machine you want to fashion it into.
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