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Grounded G1 Revealed As Modified Ford E-Transit RV

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What do you think of this new E-Transit RV? Would you go camping in something like this?

Based on the E-Transit, the Grounded G1 offers up 108 miles of range on a single charge, though another model – the G2 – is expected to launch in July with a range of 250 miles. In addition to the standard E-Transit powertrain, the G1 also utilizes a 650-watt solar system to support it, while the interior is totally customizable and modular in design, allowing owners to configure it to suit their specific needs.

Aside from that capability, the inside of the Grounded G1 features a host of sustainably sourced materials such as Baltic Birch, along with the extensive use of aluminum, with a design that’s Scandinavian in nature. Owners can spec the G1 with all of the typical amenities one might find in a traditional RV, including a queen-size bed, a kitchen with a convection oven, a toilet, seating for two-eight people, and an outdoor shower, to name just a few.

What’s particularly interesting about the Ground G1, however, is that customers can choose to purchase it directly, lease it, or even sign up for a monthly subscription, the latter of which it says will cost less than the median cost of rent in the U.S. Users can also monitor the RV’s vitals and control its functions via the Grounded+ app, which makes it more convenient when one is out in the wilderness. Pre-orders for the G1 are open now, while deliveries are expected to begin next month.

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I read that it will cost $125,000 which is not bad for someone planning to use it a lot. Living in it long term should be possible as well especially in the city where you can use local gyms to shower, etc.
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