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New eTransit owner. First EV

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White 2022 Low roof 130” wheel base E-Transit, Rear door windows only. Had the rear tinted 5% and the side windows 15%(I think). Currently using garage dryer outlet with a 24v charger. 50A hard wired charging station in the works.

Hi all. I just picked my ET Saturday and used it for work for the first time today. So far I’m impressed but a couple big cons I hope can be fixed. First and most important, it only goes 2-3 mph in reverse! Almost a deal breaker for me as I deliver to long driveways with no turn around. It’s kind of embarrassing lol. Even with the pedal floored it just creeps back very slow. Anyone else notice this?

The next is the seatbelt chime, I have had many ford trucks and know how to do the procedure stated in the owners manual. The seat belt light never goes out when is should after about a minute, so the procedure can not be started. Please no lecture, I wear my seatbelt but when you are in and out of the van 10 times on the same side street I do not and really need to quiet that thing down or I’m going to go crazy lol.

Apple Car Play, linked to my iPhone, directions lock up and just say “proceed to route”. This never happens when just using my iphone, only when connected to Car Play. So using car play is useless for directions. Probably a software bug I guess?

Any advice would be helpful. I’ll get back with the positive stuff and some pics, along with range and charging times in the future.
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